Sima Boundary

Sour and Phan recount Watt Munisotaram’s struggle with spirits.

It is an extremely exciting time for a temple, most importantly. There are vendors and food and dancing and singing and nearly everything else. Just listening to Phan and Sour remember the three days is exciting. “It was a lot of fun”; “I had so much fun doing it!”; “But it was so much fun!”; “Oh my god, I will never forget it. It was so much fun,” the two say. This consecration is why so many people come to this temple, to Watt Munisotaram. “It makes me feel good to have that statue not just in the community here [but also other places]…once you say you live in Minnesota they say ‘Oh, the temple!’” says Sour. Minnesota has other Cambodian Buddhist temples, but the Sima boundary makes a difference.