Hinduism is the third-largest religion in the world and is marked by several common elements despite being very diverse. One of the most important concepts in Hinduism is dharma, which refers to living in accordance with ethics, virtue, and the fulfillment of one's duties related to the caste system. Dharma is related to moksha, which refers to liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth known as samsara. Another important concept is karma, or the relationship between cause and effect of one's actions. Good intentions and actions precipitate good karma, which in turn leads to higher rebirth. Hindu life includes worship, meditation, yoga, pilgrimages, and festivals. Hinduism draws from a large body of texts, primarily the Vedas. For more information, please visit the Pluralism Project's pages about Hinduism.

Minnesota is home to an Indian population of over 55,000, with nearly 90 percent living in the Twin Cities, largely in suburbs. Indian immigrants came to Minnesota steadily in the second half of the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century after the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which did away with national quotas and encouraged the immigration of skilled workers. From the start, Indians primarily came for opportunities in education and jobs, reflected in high average household income and very high educational attainment. Many Indian immigrants to Minnesota come from countries that were formerly part of the British Empire, such as Guyana, Malaysia, and Fiji, where their Indian ancestors had been sent as indentured labor in the 1800s. While India and Minnesota are both home to diverse Indian religious communities, Hinduism is by far the most prominent religion in India and some of the first Indians in Minnesota were Hindu teachers. The Hindu Society of Minnesota provides essential religious, educational, and cultural resources to the Minnesota Hindu community, and the organization completed construction on the largest Hindu temple in North America in 2006. As in many diaspora communities, Minnesota Hindus struggle with cultural preservation and generational differences with assimilation and Americanization. They also faced discrimination during the Iranian hostage crisis and in the wake of 9/11 and Donald Trump's election as president. They continue to face prejudice and unreasonable stereotypes.

Minnesota Hindu Milan Mandir


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Chinmaya Mission Twin Cities


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