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Immigrants, Refugees & Religion

Watt Munisotaram


Watt Munisotaram is a Cambodian Buddhist temple in Hampton, Minnesota, about thirty minutes south of the Twin Cities and just...

History of Faribault


An exhibit on the history of the town of Faribault, from the 19th century until today.

Refugees and Immigrants in Minnesota


An exhibit about the refugee experience in Minnesota across faiths.

Muslim Community Center of Minnesota


The Masjid Al-Rahman, or Muslim Community Center, is located in Bloomington, a medium sized city in Minnesota, south of Minneapolis,...

Unpublished Exhibits

Refugee Resettlement and Faith in MN

In the past few decades, the demographics of Minnesota have been changing dramatically to reflect the ethics and policies of...

Somali Muslim Communities of Faribault

  Faribault is a small town of nearly 30,000 residents located in southeastern Minnesota just fifty miles south of Minneapolis and...