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Rural/Greater Minnesota

If rural mid-America seems at first glance an unlikely place for a discussion of eye level religious diversity, many small and mid-sized towns of Greater Minnesota find themselves on the cutting edge of the rapid changes in the state’s religious landscape. Immigrant communities from Mexico, the Horn of Africa, and Southeast Asia have settled in in the towns of Greater Minnesota like Faribault, Marshall, and Owatonna. They have proudly set down roots in ways that are well known to these communities. What kinds of vitality have new neighbors brought to these communities? What new challenges have emerged, including practical ones like school lunch menus, and how have the communities risen to meet them?


Watt Munisotaram


Watt Munisotaram is a Cambodian Buddhist temple in Hampton, Minnesota, about thirty minutes south of the Twin Cities and just...

History of Faribault


An exhibit on the history of the town of Faribault, from the 19th century until today.