The Power of Allah

Imam Dukuley explains the importance of trusting Allah and seeing Allah's presence in our everyday lives.



You have to accept that. That one day, your body will leave from this planet. And so therefore you must purify your deeds. Allah will not shower praises on us for nothing. It means that we must undertake action. And actions are prescribed in the Qur’an.

Birmingham Qur'an

Qur'an manuscript dated to the seventh century

Trusting Allah

Trusting Allah.

Most of us don’t trust Allah. Do you understand that? There’s a difference between faith and trust. We have faith… but He promises us, and He says He cannot break His promises. Do we trust that? We don’t trust that. And so this is our problem. This is the foundation of all the problems we find in the world as Muslims. … nothing will beset us, no misfortune will come our way, except that which has been ordained by Allah… Allah is our lord… In Allah the believers should put their trust.

Always Being Aware of Allah

Story about being constantly aware of Allah.

So, the shop owner asked Abdullah, the servant of Allah, when you were going across the street, do you think about Allah? He said, no, I couldn’t think about Allah, I was thinking about this... He said, this is the difference between us. Now, when I am transacting business, I am fully aware that Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, is watching me so I treat my customers with respect and I don’t cheat them.