Hmong Village Marketplace

Painting of General Vang Pao in  Hmong Village.

Hmong Village opened in 2011 on St. Paul's East Side. Unlike Hmongtown Marketplace, Hmong Village is all indoors with individual shops, a Hmong version of a mall. Where Hmongtown Marketplace can feel "homey," this place can feel more Americanized. A food courts comprise a whole side of the building. There is a salon, a pharmacy, photo studio and even a small convenience store.  Nonetheless, they both sell mostly the same products, from food and clothing to videos and herbal medicines.

Hmong Village seems to be a place of honor for the late General Vang Pao. When you enter the produce area of Hmong Village, you are greeted with a painting of General Vang and a whole wall is dedicated to GVP, which consists of a mural of GVP sitting on a hill overlooking his country. Hmong Village is truly a beautiful and interesting place to be.