Hmong in St. Paul


St. Paul's Hmongtown Marketplace is one of two major Hmong markets.

Markets have always been a place for communal interactions. To continue this tradition, Hmong immigrants founded two marketplaces in St. Paul, Hmongtown Marketplace and Hmong Village. These markets, emulating those of Laos and Thailand, feature open-air markets. But unlike their Southeast Asian counterparts, they accommodate for the Minnesota winter by providing an indoor space that is open year-round.

These marketplaces, unlike those of Southeast Asia, sell not only produce and clothing, but also herbal medicine, movies, music and freshly cooked Hmong and other cultural dishes. They also now include barbershops, income tax booths, pharmacies and photo studios.

Hmongtown Marketplace: 2003 to present

With over 250 vendors, Hmongtown Marketplace was the first marketplace in St. Paul and throughout the United States to open.  Read more…

Hmong Village Marketplace: 2011 to present

Hmong Village opened in 2011 on the Eastside of St. Paul. Where Hmongtown consisted of two main buildings and an open area, Hmong Village is an all indoor place with individual shops.  Read more…