American Hindu Celebration: The Mother's Day Concert

The Mothers Day Concert was a soft grand opening for the Milan Mandir's new location in Farmington. It came just a month before the inauguration, and for many, it was a first look at the temple's new location. This led to an accelerated preparation of certain spaces like the auditorium, lobby, and kitchen. Other spaces like the main worship hall were not finished until the last moments before the inauguration. 

An Esteemed Guest

Swami Ganeshananda was visiting at the time of the Mother's Day Concert. This was not a coincidence, since often when an esteemed guest comes to the Hindu Milan Mandir, a celebration is thrown in their honor. Many guests were excited to meet him during the dinner and the Swami led the concert with prayers and a speech. In his speech (not shown here), he commented on how he has enjoyed his time in Farmington and America. He also compared America to India by saying that in India there is no need for Mother's Day, because everyday the mother is honored. In the video to the left, he leads a prayer.

Around a hundred people came to the Mother's Day Concert. The video below shows guests arriving and buying meal vouchers and raffle tickets if they please. Sachi Sherma, or Peetaji, is selling these materials. In this video, they are greeted by some of Satya Balroop's family members.

These certificates were distrubuted to the mothers at the concert.

Introduction Through Prayer

Here Swami Ganeshananda leads the audience in a pre-concert blessing to Guru Maharaj. He is joined by a swami from Shri Gaayatri Mandir, an Indo-Caribbean Hindu temple in Minneapolis, and Satya Balroop's son.