Outreach and Operations

The Hindu Milan Mandir strives to extend devotion to Guru Maharaj to the public. Beyond the family, members are drawn to the temple for its specific communal style of worship.

Satya Balroop makes it her mission to spread the teachings of the guru to all that want it, and thus there is an open door policy at the mandir. At the mandir, it is common to hear language of the inclusivity, as can be heard in this clip from the lunch conversation. 

With the public temple in Farmington, Satya Balroop has faced the challenge of bringing her members to a new location. Many of the temple’s members were not enthusiastic about the decision to move to a location far from the Twin Cities. But this challenge has not discouraged Satya Balroop in her efforts at outreach. 

Satya Balroop describing the board as non-hierarchical. 

Sharma served briefly on the temple's board as President. The board is an inclusive way for members to become involved with the temple's events and projects. The board meets weekly after prayer on Sunday mornings. Meetings are informal discussions on the logistics of upcoming events at the temple and financial concerns for temple upkeep. The meetings are held over lunch or on the floor of the devotional hall where prayers just concluded. Although the setting is informal there are set roles for the members. The president is the person who “oversees the entire operation.” Other positions on the board include multiple vice presidents who assist in any capacity, a general secretary who represents the group to Bharat Sevashram Sangha, and treasurer and financial secretary, who both overlook finances.