International Recognition

As an established branch of the Bharat Sevashram Sangha, the MHMM has received much global attention despite its small size.

In its 11-year history, it has been visited by many religious figures from the various American branches, as well as those from India. Among them is Swami Amarnathananda, as well as Param Akshyananda Maharaj, the president of the BSS school. A full list provided by Mrs. Balroop can be found below. 

Many of these guests are happy to help in the religious effort led by Satya Balroop. Many compliment the serene locations of the temples and the similarities between Minnesota and India. Specifically, one monk compared the Mississippi River to the Ganges. Another described the Eagan temple as “a little Kailash,” in reference to the Indian mountain known for its serene and striking landscape.

  1. President Maharaj of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, HH Param Pujya Akshyanandaji Maharaj, Kolkotta, India

  2. HH Swami Guru Purnanandaji Maharaj – My shishya guru (now deceased)

  3. HH Swami Purnatmanandaji Maharaj, Milan Mandir Spiritual Leader and Head of all Western Branches and member of BSS Board of Directors

  4. Swami Bhajanandaji Maharaj, Pranavananda Ashram, Canada

  5. Swami Amarnathanandaji Maharaj, BSS, New Jersey Ashram, NJ

  6. Swami Pushkaranandaji Maharaj, BSS, Canada Ashram

  7. Swami Devpriyanandaji Maharaj, BSS, Los Angeles Ashram

  8. Swami Vickramanandaji Maharaj, BSS, New Jersey Ashram, NJ

  9. Bramchari Sase Narayanji Maharaj, Maryland Milan Mandir

  10. Santanu Maharaj, BSS, Aurora, IL

  11. Guru Gobindji, New York Milan Mandir, Queens, NY

  12. Swami Shiveshanandaji Maharaj, America Sevashram Sangha, NY

  13. Swami Maheshwaranandiji Maharaj (Barsana Dham, TX)

  14. Swami Priyadevandaji Maharaj, President maharaj’s nurse

  15. Swami Abhayanandaji Maharaj, Joint Secretary, BSS

  16. Swami Parmeshanandaji Maharaj

  17. Swami Harihar, Himalayan Education Center in Menomonie, Wisconsin

  18. Sant S. Dharamananda, Himalayan Education Center in Menomonie, WI

  19. Monks from ISCON

  20. Prakash Gosai, NY (deceased)

Admittedly, this impressive list is more the result of persistent efforts by Mrs. Balroop rather than mere chance. She was careful to pick the location for her site in a serene and picturesque setting that provides a stark contrast to the small converted garage ashram. Visits by these spiritual authorities not only give Satya’s institution credibility as it gains recognition within the wider community, but they also help to reinforce the religious significance of the temple’s settings.