Blaine Community Center

Blaine Community Center

The masjid, Blaine Community Center, houses various prayer spaces, a handful of classrooms, a cafeteria that doubles as a gym, and offices of MAS-MN's team.

                               “I’m Jewish and I didn’t know we had some of the same prophets.”

                                         “This is my neighbor, she invited me to this event five times.”

                                                                “Do you know what boba is made out of?”

                         “I have driven by this place many times, but this is my first time here.”

                 “We follow the moon calculations at this masjid, thus Eid will be on June 4th.” 

 On Tuesday, May 14th, the 9th day of Ramadan, the Blaine Community Center (BCC) hosted its annual Taking Hearts Iftar. Taking Hearts Iftar is an interfaith event that is a collaboration between the Minnesota Council of Churches and the Muslim American Society of Minnesota.