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This sign outside Elijah's Cup advertises Shalom Sesame, a collaboration between Sesame Street and its Israeli counterpart Rechov Sumsum. The show aims to teach Jewish children in the diaspora about Jewish culture, Israel, and Hebrew as well as…

One child's creative drawing of "Golidiloks/Brad" to celebrate Purim, a Jewish holiday when many children dress up in costumes.

An ATV drives a wagon full of kids on a hay ride during Khmer New Year.

There are several "My Little Library" boxes scattered around the eruv neighborhood, these function as tiny public libraries, where books are borrowed and exchanged within the community. This box, mostly geared towards children, has many books geared…

A child climbs on top of a sleeping Buddha (while an adult watches out of frame).

Children take a break from classes, eat lunch, play outside, and attend midday prayer.

The MCC School was built in 2009. This is a classroom for 4- 5 year olds, where they begin to learn the basic principles of the Islamic tradition.