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The exterior of the Watt's main temple is intricately detailed and brightly colored. It sits on a hill overlooking the surrounding cornfields.

The Watt's location in Hampton, Minnesota creates striking contrast between the tradition Khmer design and surrounding cornfields.

The interior of the Watt's stupa is decorated with bright, colorful LED lights.

This example of a Buddhist temple in Cambodia shows the classicalness of the design of Watt Munisotaram.

The Minnesota Buddhist Vihara started live-streaming daily chants of Buddhist discourses in March 2020, with hundreds, even thousands, of people tuning in from home.

The Minnesota Buddhist Vihara in Minneapolis on a snowy winter day.

The Dharma Field YouTube channel's playlist of virtual Sunday talks.

The exterior of the Dharma Field Zen Center in Minneapolis in winter.

In the lower level of the stupa, there is a work station where the buddha statues are painted, preparing to be placed for view in the stupa.

Vicheth and Yav.JPG
Yav Socchea and Ven. Vicheth pose holding metal design made by Mr. Socchea.