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Beth El Synagogue of Minneapolis directed congregants to their virtual minyan and services on their website.

Marcie Murray discusses the beauty of Orthodox Judaism

Rhesa and Avrom Schwartz discuss how they still feel Eastern European.

Kennesseth Israel was the original orthodox Synagogue that relocated to St. Louis Park, from which Bais Yisroel and Darchei Noam broke off.

The Minneapolis Community Kollel, located next to Bais Yisroel, is a Jewish learning center for orthodox Jews studying the Torah.

This sign outside Elijah's Cup advertises Shalom Sesame, a collaboration between Sesame Street and its Israeli counterpart Rechov Sumsum. The show aims to teach Jewish children in the diaspora about Jewish culture, Israel, and Hebrew as well as…

A sign outside St. Louis Park's Kosher meat deli "Prime Deli" forbids customers from bringing any outside food or beverages into the space, as to maintain the deli's compliance with kosher law.

An advertisement for a "Must Have" Hagadah, a book used in Passover Seders, on display in the window of Elijah's Cup.

A Mikvah is a pool used for ritual immersion. Jewish law mandates that women immerse themselves in the Mikvah after menstruation, before marriage, and after childbirth. Immersion in the Mikvah is also required for conversion to Judaism for both men…