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Amish Ordnung dictates the structure of life for those who live in Amish houses like this one in southeastern Minnesota. The house does not have conveniences like central heating, telephones, or television.

William Jennings Bryan (seated at left) being interrogated by Clarence Seward Darrow, during the trial of the State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes, July 20, 1925. That Monday afternoon, because of the extreme heat, Judge Raulston moved court…

Northwestern Bible College.jpg
Image of Northwestern Bible College

Around 500 people gathered in St. Paul to march in support of immigrants and protest Republican President Donald Trump's immigration policies. The protesters called for the end of deportations, the Muslim travel ban, and discrimination against…

Lords Prayer on Zoom May 10 2020.mp3
The Lord's Prayer from a Zoom service at Trinity Episcopal Excelsior.

Image of the original structure from 1958 at 3600 Snelling of "Mother" St. James A.M.E

Being a part of Above Every Name and what this is, to me it feels good, it feels amazing. I have my connection here. And I own that, you know, so I say that I'm a unique Christian.

The Minnesota Buddhist Vihara started live-streaming daily chants of Buddhist discourses in March 2020, with hundreds, even thousands, of people tuning in from home.

Chaplain Lt. Col. John Morris of the Minnesota National Guard received the 2011 Winds of Change award at the Minnesota Multicultural Forum for his extensive work in the state's Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program.

Soldiers of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division were visited by one of the U.S. Army’s five Muslim chaplains, Chaplain Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz, I Corps deputy command chaplain, from Fort Lewis, Washington, for professional development in April 2017.