Bais Yisroel Service

Though we unfortunately didn't get a chance to go to a Bais Yisroel Serivce, we had Marcie Murray, the secretary at Bais, tell us about her experience in the women's section. 

"It’s upstairs. There’s a very sheer curtain, so you can actually see down, but the men can’t see up. The women also focus on their praying. When you go to an Orthodox synagogue it’s wild, because everyone’s there for themselves, and you can hear it because they’re not in unison. They’re all there for themselves, saying the words, singing the words loud enough for them to here. It can be cacophonous at times, but it’s very moving in a way. There are other parts of the service that are more together. Even if you didn’t know a word of Hebrew, you would go like, ‘wow this is amazing.’ And that’s how I felt, because I actually didn’t know Hebrew. I’ve been working on it for 25 years and I’ve made progress."  1

  1. Murray, Marcie. "Interview with Marcie Murray." Interview by Maggie Goldberger and Maya Margolis. May 15, 2016.