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Promotional poster for the inauguration of the Watt's mucalinda reflection pond. Mucalinda is the name of a naga (a snake like being), who shielded the Buddha from the elements in the first period after the Buddha's enlightenment.

A monk paddles a small boat in the middle of the newly constructed reflection pond.

Japanese lilacs line the edge of the reflection pond.

Mucalinda Buddha Statue.JPG
A statue of the Buddha shielded by Mucalinda, a snake like being who shielded the Buddha from the elements after the Buddha's enlightenment.

The main campus area of the Watt Munisotaram with the temple and stupa.

Watt Munisotaram upper sanctuary and shrine.

5000 buddhas, all with the names of different donors ($200 donation per buddha) will eventually line the floors and walls of the lower and upper levels of the stupa.
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