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Among the most sacred Native American places in Minnesota are the Pipestone quarries in the southwestern corner of...

Unpublished Exhibits

Pipestone, Minnesota

Driving through Pipestone, a visitor observes the centrality of American Indian history and culture, real or imagined, to the town’s...

Native Religiosity in Minneapolis

This exhibit explores the ways that Native American culture and religiosity manifest in the urban spaces of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It...

Pipestone Indian Training School

Indian policy, American myth, and Native religion collide at the Pipestone Indian Industrial Training School, a federal Indian boarding school...

Eagle Feather Protection

Dakota Language Revitalization

Exhibit on revitalization of the Dakota language in Minnesota, created November 2015.

Ojibwe Language Revitalization

An overview and history of the Ojibwe people's struggle to maintain cultural identity and their current push towards revitalization of...


A curated exhibit showing how the sport of lacrosse has a deep cultural and spiritual tradition among Native Americans. From...

Lake Superior as a Cultural Resource

An overview of the cultural significance of Lake Superior and the importance of sites on its shores to the Ojibwe...

Eagle Rock Mining Controversy

The controversy over Eagle Mine, a nickle and copper sulfide mine located in Michigan's upper peninsula, and Eagle rock, an...

Effigy Mound (Dakota)

Federal Recognition for the Lumbee Tribe

A look at the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina's fight for Federal Recongition.

Native and Christian in Minneapolis - St. Paul

Understanding what it means to be native and Christian