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Lords Prayer on Zoom May 10 2020.mp3
The Lord's Prayer from a Zoom service at Trinity Episcopal Excelsior.

In line with public health guidelines and the recommendations of Muslim leaders and organizations, the Muslim American Society of Minnesota cancelled in-person gatherings at Minnesota masajid (mosques).

Devonne Mayweather leads a prayer on a Sunday morning in May 2020 at the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis.

A message painted onto wrapped bales of hay in Goodhue County that says prayer is greater than the virus.

Members of the St Louis, MO community gathered in a socially distanced prayer service at Saint Augustine's Episcopal Church for racial justice in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. Worshippers were masked and outdoors to offer their prayers…

Fadumo discusses why prayer is such an important aspect in her life and what specifically she says while praying.
A picture of various figures in a prayer position