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This Manhattan church, an example of one of Upjohn's more dramatic designs, was torn down in 1918.

This church is protected on the National Register of Historic Places for its demonstration of the Carpenter Gothic style.

This example of Whipple Gothic architecture sits in the Lower Sioux Indian Community. It was built there in 1889 for a community of Dakota people returning after their exile in the aftermath of the Dakota War of 1862.

The Cathedral of St. Paul, which sits high above the skyline of St. Paul, also has a dramatic interior, including this large organ.

These two 19th-century churches display the architectural development of rural church buildings. Valley Grove stands out as they have maintained both buildings, rather than replacing the older one completely upon the construction of the newer one.

This "rural gothic" style Episcopal church was constructed in 1858 — only three years after Northfield was founded. It was consecrated by Bishop Henry Whipple, a well-known state leader who advocated for the rights of Minnesota's indigenous…

Amish Ordnung dictates the structure of life for those who live in Amish houses like this one in southeastern Minnesota. The house does not have conveniences like central heating, telephones, or television.

Lords Prayer on Zoom May 10 2020.mp3
The Lord's Prayer from a Zoom service at Trinity Episcopal Excelsior.

Being a part of Above Every Name and what this is, to me it feels good, it feels amazing. I have my connection here. And I own that, you know, so I say that I'm a unique Christian.

A drive-in church service at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Aitkin on a Sunday morning in July 2020.