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Amish Ordnung dictates the structure of life for those who live in Amish houses like this one in southeastern Minnesota. The house does not have conveniences like central heating, telephones, or television.

Lords Prayer on Zoom May 10 2020.mp3
The Lord's Prayer from a Zoom service at Trinity Episcopal Excelsior.

Being a part of Above Every Name and what this is, to me it feels good, it feels amazing. I have my connection here. And I own that, you know, so I say that I'm a unique Christian.

A drive-in church service at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Aitkin on a Sunday morning in July 2020.

Captain Chaplain Emil Kapaun leading Mass in October 1950 in Korea using the back of a Jeep as his makeshift altar.

Most Minnesota Amish live around the town of Harmony in Fillmore County, although there are also communities in north central Minnesota.

Two Amish buggies in southern Minnesota cross paths. The Amish use buggies instead of automobiles to keep their Christian communities small and close-knit.

This buggy in southeastern Minnesota, likely belonging to the Old Order or Swartzentruber Amish, is very plain and lacks the orange safety triangles or reflective tape that more liberal Amish have agreed to use.

These Amish buggies in southern Minnesota do not have the orange and red triangle that slow moving vehicles typically use. A group of Minnesota Amish went to court over the signs, claiming they burdened their religious beliefs.

A group of Amish men working together to build a new barn demonstrates Amish self-reliance.