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first univ chour.jpg
The First Universalist choir at a Sunday worship service

Black Lives Matter
First Universalist congregants as well as ministers Justin and Elaine standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement outside of the Hennepin County Government Center

mall of america protest.jpg
First Universalist Congregants at the Mall of America Protest, as part of the Black Lives Matter Minneapolis movement

commmunity solar garden team.jpg
The First Universalist Community Solar Garden project team held a kickoff meeting, which included talks by J. Drake Hamilton of Fresh Energy and Cliff Kaehler of Novel Energy/MN Community Solar. The goal was to sign up 250 households for…

Sign on wall of children's classrooms saying what Islam is and what Islam is not- sharing positive celebration of all religions

First Universalist (black lives matter).jpg
An image of the First Universalist Church building, featuring a Black Lives Matter banner
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