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Incarnation/Sagrado Corazón is just a mile away from the George Floyd memorial at the intersection of 38th and Chicago where Floyd was murdered in South Minneapolis. Lake Street to the north bore the brunt of the damage from destructive riots and…

The statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus surrounded by flowers for the celebration of the Feast of the Sacred Heart by Incarnation/Sagrado Corazón parishioners.

An Incarnation/Sagrado Corazón Facebook post advertising free COVID-19 vaccines in June 2021 following the FDA's approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for ages 12 to 15 the previous month.

The engraved stone plaque outside the church which reads, "THE CHURCH OF THE INCARNATION: THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH AND DWELT AMONG US"

Exterior view of Incarnation Church from Pleasant Avenue. The building is home to two connected Catholic communities: the Church of the Incarnation and Sagrado Corazón de Jesus.