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An advertisement for a "Must Have" Hagadah, a book used in Passover Seders, on display in the window of Elijah's Cup.
Shir Tikvah celebrates those congregants who completed the adult Bnai Mitzvah class


Located in a small strip mall in the eruv is Elijah's Cup, a Jewish bookstore that also sells other religious and cultural items, like Kiddush cups and Menorahs. In the window, the shop advertises a new Mah Jongg standard rules card. A popular parlor…

The congregation of Bais Yisroel places a great emphasis on religious study and lifelong learning. Classrooms at Bais Yisroel are home to serious Torah, Talmud, and Hebrew study for both children and adults. The classrooms at Bais Yisroel are also…

Front view of Bais Yisroel Orthodox Synagogue in St. Louis Park.
Rabbi Latz stands with and blesses a congregant at her Bat Mitzvah


Pages from Beth El Synagogues passover seder Haggadah and seder supplement, that we're passed out during their communal passover seder on April 23, 2016.

One child's creative drawing of "Golidiloks/Brad" to celebrate Purim, a Jewish holiday when many children dress up in costumes.

There are several "My Little Library" boxes scattered around the eruv neighborhood, these function as tiny public libraries, where books are borrowed and exchanged within the community. This box, mostly geared towards children, has many books geared…

Many of the children's drawings hanging up in the back of Vitali's Bistro, a kosher restaurant in the eruv, incorporate parts of Jewish culture.
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