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“Grace” was taken by Eric Enstrom around 1920 in Bovey, MN on the Iron Range and became the state photograph in 2002. Composed to inspire faith and thankfulness after World War I, “Grace” quickly became popular and was displayed in homes,…

Starting in the early 1950s, Billy Graham led a powerful evangelical crusade as a tactful spokesperson based in his strong belief in scripture. What started as a Christian radio station (KTIS) and the Minnesota-based Billy Graham Evangelical…

Good Shepherd ELCA Lutheran Church, Henning, MN illustrates the complexities of the term evangelical. In the 16th Century, Martin Luther preferred to call the churches forming in his name “evangelical” (evangelische). The largest Lutheran…

The First Baptist Church in Minneapolis is a historical and long-standing building. It was here that a well-known Fundamentalist pastor, William B. Riley, fought to create laws banning the education of evolution in schools. He installed William J.…

The Cathedral of St. Paul, which sits high above the skyline of St. Paul, also has a dramatic interior, including this large organ.

As teenagers, Amish youth enter a period called Rumspringa, when they increase their social activity and decide whether to join the Amish church. A lower percentage of New Order Amish decide to join the church than with the Old Order Amish.

This example of Whipple Gothic architecture sits in the Lower Sioux Indian Community. It was built there in 1889 for a community of Dakota people returning after their exile in the aftermath of the Dakota War of 1862.

Two Amish buggies in southern Minnesota cross paths. The Amish use buggies instead of automobiles to keep their Christian communities small and close-knit.

These Amish buggies in southern Minnesota do not have the orange and red triangle that slow moving vehicles typically use. A group of Minnesota Amish went to court over the signs, claiming they burdened their religious beliefs.

A sign on U.S. Highway 52 between Harmony and Preston, Minnesota alerts passengers to slower Amish buggy traffic along the route.