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Kasia Heurh describes his approach to leading "authentic" worship as First Hmong's Music Director. His responsibilities to the worship team member include cultivating spiritural growth and musical craft

Series of group photos of MAS-MN's community.

Exterior view of Superintendent's House

Local artist and member of the Black community Peyton Scott Russell painted this 12-foot mural of George Floyd for his childhood neighborhood. It has been bolted to a bus station, and has quickly become an icon of the Black Lives Matter movement and…
Program Director Arlene El-Amin, describes Masjid An-Nur's involvement in an event called Day of Dignity:


A picture of a statue on the exterior of Abbott Northwestern Hospital. The statue is called “Healing Spirit” and was originally a part of Mt. Sinai Hospital prior to the hospital’s integration with what today is known as Abbott Northwestern.

Image of the original structure from 1958 at 3600 Snelling of "Mother" St. James A.M.E

An advertisement for a "Must Have" Hagadah, a book used in Passover Seders, on display in the window of Elijah's Cup.