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Torah Academy is a Jewish elementary school located in the Eruv of St. Louis Park. It is across the street from the Orthodox synagogue, Kenesseth Israel, and a block away from Darchei Noam and Bais Yisroel.

The Beth El Conservative Synagogue in St. Louis Park. Originally founded in 1922 in North Minneapolis, the Synagogue has occupied its current St. Louis Park location since 1968. Today Beth El is the primary place of worship for over 1,400 families.

There are several "My Little Library" boxes scattered around the eruv neighborhood, these function as tiny public libraries, where books are borrowed and exchanged within the community. This box, mostly geared towards children, has many books geared…

A letter from a child found in a "My Library" in the front yard of a home in the eruv. The letter mentions potato kugel, a popular Jewish food.

Though Darchei Noam established itself as a congregation in 2005, the congregation did have a building of its own until the synagogue opened in 2013. The date on this building is written according to the Hebrew Calendar as well as the Western…

Many of the children's drawings hanging up in the back of Vitali's Bistro, a kosher restaurant in the eruv, incorporate parts of Jewish culture.

Bais Yisroel Synagogue was formed in the late 1980s, after breaking off from Kenesseth Israel. Bais Yisroel is the most conservative of the Orthodox congregations in St. Louis Park, embracing elements of the Haredi tradition, often referred to as…

Front view of Bais Yisroel Orthodox Synagogue in St. Louis Park.

The congregation of Bais Yisroel places a great emphasis on religious study and lifelong learning. Classrooms at Bais Yisroel are home to serious Torah, Talmud, and Hebrew study for both children and adults. The classrooms at Bais Yisroel are also…

A view of the Darchei Noam Modern-Orthodox Synagogue in St. Louis Park.