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The community center under construction. It will be used for plays, dancing, pageantry, teaching of Khmer, and guest housing for well attended festivals and ceremonies.

Man speaking in Khmer at the main pavilion of Khmer New Year while another man uncoils rope to be used for a tug-of-war competition.

hao hou.jpg
Hao Hou, attends Watt Munisotaram once or twice a year.

A woman volunteer decorating the doorways for Khmer New Year.
Monks blessing and handing out bracelets for good luck in the New Year to people waiting in line in the upper sanctuary.

The view when first entering the main part of the lower sanctuary. In the foreground, a group of volunteers works on Khmer New Year decorations and in the background, a group of women practice chanting in Khmer.

An ATV drives a wagon full of kids on a hay ride during Khmer New Year.

4 Buddhas with different mudras. The center one is Dhyana (meditation), the left one is Dharmachakra (teaching), and the one on the right is Abhaya (no fear). The mudra not pictured is the “forgiveness” mudra.

Cambodianimmigration To U.S..graphicjpg.jpg
Infographic about Cambodian Immigration to the U.S. and Theravada Buddhism