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Picture of Heidi, taken after service.

Image of Agapito taken after his interview at the Sacred Heart Parish.

hao hou.jpg
Hao Hou, attends Watt Munisotaram once or twice a year.

The view when first entering the main part of the lower sanctuary. In the foreground, a group of volunteers works on Khmer New Year decorations and in the background, a group of women practice chanting in Khmer.

Hao Hou describes the process of his "Americanization" with respect to his understanding of Buddhist prayers and chanting as well as the physical size of his altar space at home.

"At the temple where we pray and saying some of those things,…

Ven. Vicheth Chum Talks about Day to Day Responsibilities as a Monk.

"Our services our busy every day, mostly every weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. People make ceremony in this hall. Sometime they invite us to their home for seven days or one…