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Mrs. Balroop, in following with Swami Maharaj
While there is a hierarchy of gurus who all have different teaching styles and areas of emphasis, Mrs. Balroop explains that there is also a hierarchy among students depending on their level of spiritual development.
Mrs. Balroop has had many different teachers in her lifetime, and in this she explains the different needs fulfilled by specific teachers and spiritual teachings styles.
Several aspects of worship at the MHMM are unconventional by many Guyanese standards. In this excerpt she reveals the difference between her current method of worship and other Hindu practices by explaining that worshipping is not a form of begging,…
When concluding our first interview, Mrs. Balroop offered this story as a metaphor for not only her own personal spiritual development, but also the underlying reasons for her eventual move to Eagan, MN. In this, she relates the story of her…
The MN Milan Mandir is a small branch of the Bharat Sevashram Sangha, and here Mrs. Balroop reveals that connection.
Final aarti with shell horn