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The conscience clause of the Minnesota Constitution guarantees any citizen the freedom to practice their religion "according to the dictates of his conscience" as long as it doesn't interfere with public peace or safety.

An example of mulch basin gray water treatment systems.

Around 5,000 Amish live in Minnesota, concentrated in Fillmore County along the state's border with Iowa.

As teenagers, Amish youth enter a period called Rumspringa, when they increase their social activity and decide whether to join the Amish church. A lower percentage of New Order Amish decide to join the church than with the Old Order Amish.

An Amish buggy in the snow near the Minnesota-Iowa border.

A sign on U.S. Highway 52 between Harmony and Preston, Minnesota alerts passengers to slower Amish buggy traffic along the route.

Joy Christian Center in St. Cloud places the COVID-19 pandemic in theological perspective.

COVID-19 stay at home orders caused many places of worship to close their doors. This church in Claremont, CA advertised its virtual services on Facebook while in-person gatherings came to a halt in April 2020.

The logo for the Comunidad Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Sacred Heart of Jesus Community).