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A picture of a statue on the exterior of Abbott Northwestern Hospital. The statue is called “Healing Spirit” and was originally a part of Mt. Sinai Hospital prior to the hospital’s integration with what today is known as Abbott Northwestern.
The cover of a book chronicling the stories of refugees in Minnesota.

A picture of the sign that welcomes visitors to Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

I didn't start traditionally with a group of people and we were meeting and doing Bible study and having a core group. It was a Field of Dreams model, you build it and they come. And that's what God told me to do, you build it and they'll come.

Being a part of Above Every Name and what this is, to me it feels good, it feels amazing. I have my connection here. And I own that, you know, so I say that I'm a unique Christian.

Above Every Name Ministries Logo

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The signs posted outside Unity Church-Unitarian every Sunday for Above Every Name Ministries.

This "rural gothic" style Episcopal church was constructed in 1858 — only three years after Northfield was founded. It was consecrated by Bishop Henry Whipple, a well-known state leader who advocated for the rights of Minnesota's indigenous…

A group of Amish men working together to build a new barn demonstrates Amish self-reliance.