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The front of the community center under construction in July 2016. It will be used for plays, dancing, pageantry, teaching of Khmer, and guest housing for well attended festivals and ceremonies.

Angkor Wat (Capital Temple) the front side of the main complex in the late afternoon. The temple complex is the largest religious monument in the world at 420 acres (0.65 square miles).
A picture of Anicca
A picture of Anna Guasco

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Picture of Buddha Statue

In the lower level of the stupa, there is a work station where the buddha statues are painted, preparing to be placed for view in the stupa.

4 Buddhas with different mudras. The center one is Dhyana (meditation), the left one is Dharmachakra (teaching), and the one on the right is Abhaya (no fear). The mudra not pictured is the “forgiveness” mudra.

People describe what draws them to practice Buddhism