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Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Painted Buddhas in various mudras and configurations adorn the ledges of the lower level of the stuppa, illuminated by colored LED lights.

A block of green foam with holes for sticking incense into.

The group of statues refers to the story of Sujãtã, a daughter of a rich man, who prayed to the tree-spirit of the Bodhi tree to have her first child be a son.1 Sujãtã's prayer was fulfilled, and she sent her maid to the Bodhi tree to clean up the…

Statue of Jayavarman VII, King of the Khmer Empire from circa 1181-1218.

This standing statue has the name Miss Bakly Angeline (Bakly Sithor) engraved on the pedestal.

Japanese lilacs line the edge of the reflection pond.

Mucalinda Buddha Statue.JPG
A statue of the Buddha shielded by Mucalinda, a snake like being who shielded the Buddha from the elements after the Buddha's enlightenment.

In the lower level of the stupa, there is a work station where the buddha statues are painted, preparing to be placed for view in the stupa.