Content Usage and Corrections

Licensing, Usage, and Permission

ReligionsMN and Carleton College maintain materials on this website for the educational purposes of teaching, learning, and research. There are generally three types of content on the site with corresponding licensing, usage and permissions guidelines:

1) Items in the public domain

2) Text & media originated by the project team (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Unless otherwise indicated, all exhibit text content was contributed under the understanding that everything on this site follows a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).  Aside from items in the public domain, items in these collections are not to be reproduced or used in a commercial setting.

3) Rights Restricted Material (express permission required)

Many materials on this site, including audio, video, image, and transcription files, were generated by the project team with express permissions from our community partners.  Thus any non-commercial reproduction beyond fair use, including online reproduction, of audio, video, or image files requires permission of the ReligionsMN project to ensure our obligations to community partners are observed. 

Please direct permissions requests to

Rights owners are ordinarily specified in the Dublin Core metadata for each media item. Where not otherwise specified, the rights holder to materials generated by the project team is ordinarily the ReligionsMN Project at Carleton College.

Corrections and Take-Down Requests

The project team has made the best effort to adhere to known intellectual property and privacy rights, and to secure and keep record of permissions for materials it maintains. Due to the nature of community-built collections, we are not always able to identify intellectual property and/or privacy information. We are eager to hear from any rights owners and interested parties so that we may obtain accurate information.

Individuals with concerns about content to which they hold rights, about violations of their privacy, or about inaccurate information should contact, to suggest corrections or to request removal of materials from public access.  The project team will review requests, respond appropriately, and notify of outcome.

Usage Policy & Acknowledgments

In making our usage and take down policy, we acknowledge Carleton Digital Commons, the Carleton Covid-19 Archive , and HathiTrust Digital Library.