Previous Legislative Agendas

JRLC focuses on a variety of issues, particularly focused on providing support for low-come families. Since building momentum in support of an issue, especially in a partisan environment, can require time, many priorities are continued across years.

JRLC 2019 Legislative Agenda

Key Issues of Focus: Minnesota Family Investment Program, Minnesota Childcare Assistance Program, driver's license protection, support for low-income children, Working Family Tax Credit


  • First increase in MN Family Investment Program funding in 33 years
  • Childcare assistance process for homeless families expedited
  • Expansion of Working Family Tax Credit for low and moderate income families
  • Terrorism protection funding for religious communities and other non-profits


  • No action on driver's license protections, limits on payday lending, gun violence prevention

JRLC 2018 Legislative Agenda

Key Issues of Focus: Affordable housing bonding, Minnesota Childcare Assistance Program, reduction in fines on minor traffic violations

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  • $90M in bonding for affordable housing
  • Defeat of proposed expansions to online gambling and work requirements for Medicaid


  • Veto of Omnibus and Tax Bills including priorities regarding tax policy, driver's license protection, childcare access