About and Acknowledgements

My name is Meg Crenshaw, and I am a student at Carleton College from Raleigh, NC. I became involved in Junior Youth Groups and Children’s Classes when I was in high school in North Carolina, which was my first exposure to the Baha’i Faith. Since then, I have learned all that I can about the Faith and about the community, asking questions to everyone in the community who is willing to listen. It has been exciting to have the opportunity at Carleton to be able to explore and get to know the community in Minneapolis.

I would like to thank Everett Ayoubzadeh for his unending patience, generous giving of time, and willingness to answer every question I asked. Thanks also to Dave Ingham, who was a wonderful resource in learning about the history of the Minneapolis community. Finally, I would like to thank Kevalin, Gerald, Benjamin, Eizonte, Blair, Anisa, Gretchen, and Michael for their big hearts, and for their joy, openness, and honesty they brought to their interviews. I'm so lucky I have gotten to meet each one of you.

Special thanks to my friends in high school, Emily and Jaslina: I cannot thank you enough.