Witness for justice

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Witness for justice


Masjid An-Nur, Islam


The audio below was recorded at one of the Islamic Studies class held at Masjid An-Nur on Wednesday evenings. This session was lead by Imam Dukuley.






Religion Department (Carleton College)










Minneapolis, MN

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Allah… [Arabic] In this [??], Allah says, all you who believe be maintainers of justice and bearers of true witness for Allah. Even if the truth goes against your own selves, your parents, your relatives. Or someone who is rich or poor. You know why Allah mentioned the poor and the rich in this [??]? Now it says you should be good witnesses. Don’t back your brother. Allah says… [Arabic] Even if they are poor or rich, Allah says I will protect both, it’s not your responsibility. The reason why [Arabic]. Allah said I’ll protect both. Because nowadays, justice is about money. Right? The one who has money can get justice. Muslims can’t be like this. When you go to court, if you saw something and you are called to account, you are not doing it for yourself, you are doing it for the sake of Allah. He said [Arabic]. He said you should be witnesses and maintainers of justice for the sake of Allah. And even if speaking that truth is against yourself, or your father, your parents, all your close relatives, Allah says speak the truth. To protect them , it is[??] duty. Now, some people… - some people come, say, oh, this man has a lot of money. If I go and witness against him, he’s going to use a lot of money. Or, this guy is really poor. If I go witness against him, oh, he’s going to end up in jail. So you know what, I’m going to say something else. [Arabic?] You’re not supposed to do it. Allah already mentioned that. [Arabic] Their protection lies with Allah, not you. Allah say [Arabic]. Do not follow your heart desire, [Arabic] in making justice. Don’t do it, don’t follow your heart desire. When you are presenting[?] justice, don’t follow your heart desire. Because your heart desire will say, [?] my friend, I’m going to protect her. Yeah. And go to court, the judge was not there. I’m the witness. I don’t care about the oath. I’ll take the oath and then something. [Arabic] Allah said, As Muslims, good conduct - this is a code of conduct. Do that. But if you didn’t, [Arabic]. Allah is watching though all that you do. So one of the good conduct of Muslims is to observe this.



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