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First Hmong Assembly of God Church
First Hmong Assembly of God Church in St. Paul. Photo: Rachel Kittaka

Pastor Jerchchah and Kia Heurh
The pastor is pictured with his wife.

Kasia Heurh
Kasia Heurh leading worship on a Friday night

Pang Ter Heurh
Pang Ter Heurh

Cghee Chia Xiong and Moua Yeng Xiong
Pheng "YD" Yang gives a lesson

Generational differences
Black Hmong grandmother in Vietnam. Photo by Hanay

Youth Board Member Pang Ter Heurh shares the Youth Ministry̻s vision to connect youth to Christ, cultivate God̻s calling in their lives, and send them out to change the world. The Youth Ministry emphasizes Bible reading and prayer as essential…

Worship Director Kasia Heurh shares his vision to _worship in spirit and truth

Kasia Heurh describes his approach to leading "authentic" worship as First Hmong's Music Director. His responsibilities to the worship team member include cultivating spiritural growth and musical craft

Pang Ter Heurh recounts her journey to becoming a youth leader as a result of her family's involvemnet in the church. She notes that the biggest trend for her growing up was the lack of consistent youth leaders:
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