St. Louis Park Eruv Jewish Neighborhood

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St. Louis Park Eruv Jewish Neighborhood


Collection on Jewish eruv neighborhood in St. Louis Park. Part of the project was collected around 2011, and part in spring 2016.


Maggie Goldberger, Maya Margolis

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An eruv is a symbolically bounded space with roots in Jewish Talmudic tradition relating to the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat). For observant Jews, Shabbat (which occurs from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday) is a day of rest, with strict laws…

Allan Baumgarten gives an overview of the structure of the community and the divisions within it.

Allan Baumgarten discusses the role of the Jewish community in the civic life of St. Louis Park.

Rabbi Chaim Goldberger discusses the relationship between the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.

St. Louis Park Water Tower
St. Louis Park, an inner-ring suburb which borders the west side of Minneapolis, has a disproportionately large population of observant Jews, and close-knit Orthodox and Conservative communities are based there. Several of the city’s congregations,…

Outside Beth El
Beth El is a Conservative congregation founded in 1926. Originally on the North Side of Minneapolis, it was founded by younger people who wanted to practice a more forward-looking brand of Judaism then their (Orthodox) parents. It moved to its…

Outside Bnai Emet
Bnai Emet is a Conservative congregation founded in 1971. Its origins lie with B’nai Abraham, a congregation founded in 1889 in South Minneapolis by Romanian immigrants. It moved to St. Louis Park in 1958, and in 1971 it merged with another…

Minnesota Eruv Map
A map showing the boundaries of the Minnesota eruv. Courtesy Allan Baumgarten. Reprinted with permission.

Wendy Goldberg gives an example of an activity involving the whole of the Jewish community.

Rabbi Barry Woolf talks about the eruv's appeal as he sees it.
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