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The Catholic Church of the Incarnation/ Sagrado Corazón de Jesús in Southern Minneapolis

The logo for the Comunidad Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Sacred Heart of Jesus Community).

A group of Amish men working together to build a new barn demonstrates Amish self-reliance.

Captain Chaplain Emil Kapaun leading Mass in October 1950 in Korea using the back of a Jeep as his makeshift altar.
Since 1979, the Hindu Society of MinnesotaÕs only mandir, or temple, was located in a refurbished church in north Minneapolis, a location far too small to support the needs of the growing Hindu community. The story of the Maple Grove temple is a long…

Above Every Name Ministries Logo

Around 5,000 Amish live in Minnesota, concentrated in Fillmore County along the state's border with Iowa.

An Amish buggy in the snow near the Minnesota-Iowa border.

“Grace” by Eric Enstrom (1918). This photograph has hung in Christian homes, restaurants, and churches across America, an icon of Christian piety. Taken in Bovey, on Minnesota’s Iron Range, the photo origionall captured traveling salesman Charles…

“Grace” was taken by Eric Enstrom around 1920 in Bovey, MN on the Iron Range and became the state photograph in 2002. Composed to inspire faith and thankfulness after World War I, “Grace” quickly became popular and was displayed in homes,…