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Eckankar Sign
The welcome sign at the front entrance to Eckankar

View from Powers Boulevard
The view of the golden temple from Powers Boulevard

Campus Sign
Welcoming you to the Eckankar Campus

ECK Temple Roof
As one reflects upon the striking and unexpected appearance of a golden pyramidal roof rising out of Midwest prairie grasses, and juxtaposed with the ranch style houses and a quaint suburban landscape, it may seem surprising, even random, to find the…

Chanhassen City Center
A short two minute drive from the Temple will take one to Chanhassen center, otherwise known as West 78th Street and the heart of this quaint suburban city with a population of around 23,000. Neatly mowed grass lines concrete sidewalks, mature maple…

Chanhassen Library
Of particular note, on West 78th, is the beautiful Chanhassen Library, part of the Carver County library system. The building is beautiful and modern, built of sand-colored brick with black metal accents. It is situated directly in front of City Hall…

Chanhassen Sign
Hanging from the lamp posts are flags, which note two distinct honors the City has received: Family Circle Magazine named Chanhassen as one of the top 10 towns in the United States in which to raise a family, and Money Magazine̥'s 2009 designation…

Chanhassen Roadside Bushes
The median between each lane of West 78th is decorated by elegant shrubs, trees, and lampposts

Harold Klemp
Harold Kemp, the Living ECK master

The ECK Temple
The Temple, built between September 1989 and October 1990, is truly impressive. It is an expansive, fifty thousand square foot facility complete with several worship spaces, classrooms, and meeting areas. 225 tons of steel went into the building[1]…
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