First Universalist Church of Minneapolis

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First Universalist Church of Minneapolis


Spring 2016 collection of interviews and other items for Global Religions in MN class


Emily Perlman, Natalie Jacobson



Collection Items

First Universalist Church (outside of building)
An image of the First Universalist Church building, featuring a Black Lives Matter banner

Islam Is... Poster
Sign on wall of children's classrooms saying what Islam is and what Islam is not- sharing positive celebration of all religions

Gender Diversity is Welcomed Here- Bathroom Sign
Sign on the door to the bathroom saying that gender diversity is welcomed here

Inside of the Sanctuary
Sitting in back of the room looking towards front of sanctuary, people seated

Recycled Paper Towel Dispenser
Paper towel dispenser with sign that says paper towels are made from recycled paper

No One Has Ever Become Poor by Giving
Sign on wall saying no one has ever become poor by giving with hands reaching out to give

Black Lives Matter at First Universalist Church Minneapolis
BLM sign outside of First Universalist Church

Child Dedication Ceremony
Rev. Justin Schroeder at child dedication ceremony

Children's Choir
Picture of children's choir singing at a service

Flower Display
Flower display on altar at First Universalist
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